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        ????????????Grace Catalysts Technologies is recognized as the global leader in specialty inorganic catalysts.  Grace develops and manufactures catalysts and related products and technologies used in energy and refining, polyolefins and plastics, as well as petrochemical and other chemical manufacturing applications.  We hold market-leading positions in all key segments:

        • #1 in FCC catalysts
        • #1 in resid hydroprocessing catalysts
        • #2 in hydrocracking catalysts 
        • #1 in independent polyethylene catalysts
        • #2 in polypropylene catalysts
        • #2 in polypropylene process technology licensing

        We support our products with world-class technical service, experienced research and development, and unsurpassed analytical tools, like Grace's DCR? Circulating FCC Pilot Plant, which simulates commercial performance on a lab scale for fluid bed catalyst systems.

        We invite you to partner with us, whether it's applying any of our existing products or if you want to explore new boundaries in catalysis.?

        Get the Fall 2019? edition
        of Grace Catalagram?, No. 124